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Sugar Sweetened Beverages: should we be limiting their consumption?

In January 2019 the Government of Canada changed its Food Guide to reflect Health Canada guidelines and considerations for healthy eating. Within this Food Guide the recommendation for beverages was to drink water and reduce or eliminate sugar sweetened beverages.

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Report on the Challenges and Operational Issues of Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs across Canada

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Heart Healthy News

From Barbra Streisand’s fight for equality in women’s health to Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada’s tips on exercising at any age, read about current matters of the heart in this topical booklet.

Learn why proper diet and exercise are so important for your cardiovascular health and get tips on preventing your risk factors for heart disease.

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Press Release from Board of Directors & Executive Director, Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada Announcement: Executive Director Retirement – Barbara Kennedy (2008-2018)

Barbara Kennedy has had the honour of serving as the Executive Director of The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada for the past 10 years.

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